Heads up for the 2020 Forest Service Solicitation cycle.

Heavy Equipment and Transports will be re-solicited in 2020.



If you are thinking about becoming a Wildland Fire Contractor and need business advice, please contact Kevin at this site.  I can provide insight to the contracting field and help plan for the upcoming seasons.

Be prepared…..If you have resources that are outside of VIPR agreements, make sure that you can be found by Dispatchers.  List here!  If you are a person that has training and is willing to travel, list your skill set here.  I am in contact with Contractors that are looking for personnel to fill in for their Operators days off, people that have prior commitments and people that are tired of staying in a tent.  List now and go to work!

What do I need to do to be a Contractor for the Federal Govt.

Requirements to have your equipment hired by the Forest Service.
• Dun and Bradstreet (DUNS) Registration – http://www.dnb.com or 1- 866 -705-5711
• System for Award Management (SAM) Registration – (This has replaced CCR & ORCA)
    o Use this link: https://www.sam.gov
There is NO charge to register in SAM, but be aware there are companies out there asking for money to register you.
Use the link above as it is the correct link and will NOT charge you.
o If you are currently registered in SAM, please ensure your account is updated annually.
o For assistance with the SAM Registration process or account updates, please contact your local Procurement Technical Assistance Center:
• Montana – http://www.montanaptac.org/
• Idaho – http://www.idahosbdc.org/specialized-services/government-contracting-ptac/ptac
• North Dakota – http://www.ndsbdc.org/procurementconsulting.cfm


Landowners can use this site to find potential Contractors to fireproof their properties ahead of fire intrusions. Landowners may also find Companies that specialize in fire mitigation and or clean up after fire damage.

If you have attended a wildland fire class or completed Fireline Safety and have resources to offer, please feel free to advertise your goods or services here.


Forest Service Wildland Fire opportunities.  VIPR

Forest Service VIPR start page  (HERE)

Federal Emergency Management Agency Disaster Declarations

State by State Emergency Management Offices