How this site works:

Agencies and individuals can use this website to search for emergency support equipment and or services. Vendors list the services that they offer to support emergency response in a highly searchable database. Listings are able to be updated by vendors in real time, keeping them current and useful. Users of this website are able to search for Contractors by services offered; equipment typed to NWCG and FEMA standards and by zones based on response times.  Potential clients can make decisions on who they want to hire by seeing photos of equipment, reading the companies Biography and by asking for copies of previous performance evaluations or references that can be verified with a phone call.

How much does this cost?

To search for resources, free!  To list your services, the cost is $12.99 for the Northern fire season of 2020. This listing will allow the Agencies to find your resource through October of 2020. This includes a one page website with your company biography, contact information, a list of all the equipment or services that you wish to offer, pictures of your equipment or past projects and a short video of your work, equipment or product.  This is the only site that specializes in Emergency Support response and will augment any dispatch priority lists and Availability lists that the Agencies may have or use.  It also is a database that Landowners, Insurance companies or Municipalities can use to find needed resources quickly. Don’t get left behind, list now!

What are the benefits of listing? is the only website that is dedicated to Emergency Response Services.  Have you ever wondered how to advertise your services to the large insurance Companies?  Have you ever tried to figure out how to get work with FEMA after large natural disasters?  Have you ever had a landowner state that they wished that they would have known about you after they had work completed by a shoddy contractor?  Then list with us; get your information seen by the people that are hiring and go to work!

Always Easy. Always Free to Use. Always Here.